Together, we are a creative engine to envision the America we want to live in.


In 2026, the United States marks the 250th year since its founding. We believe anniversaries can matter and America (that means all of us) needs a good deadline to help this country get closer to fulfilling the aspirations.

The next five years is an invitation to all on these shores to actively, rigorously, and ambitiously imagine where we head next—and to commit our energies to building a shared future.


US@250 is a creative engine to help 2026 become a pivotal year that propels the country into decades of building the America that yearns to be.

Over the next five years, here is what people will experience:

National Signature Initiatives
to touch 300+ million on these shores.

Community-Driven Efforts
created by towns, organizations, institutions, communities, brands, collectives, schools, religious organizations, clubs, sports teams, neighborhood groups, and on and on.

Grassroots Acts
driven by the efforts of individuals.


This work starts now.


A creative engine works:

By Uplifting
efforts and initiatives already in motion—and putting even more muscle behind them.

By Generating
new initiatives that have never before been attempted,
but deserve to be.

By Focusing
on a narrative that connects these efforts into a
powerful whole.


There will be many efforts for 2026. We are joining that chorus and raising our hands, in the hopes that you will raise yours. We come from various sectors, backgrounds, and experiences. We don’t always hold
the same ideas about this country, but we do share a strong belief in the power of imagination, hard work, and coming together to use the deadline of 2026 to build a better
America—for all, by all.

you're invited
Join us to create our shared future.
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