Who we

We are an expanding group from different backgrounds, origins, walks of life, identities, and day jobs.

What we have in common is our belief that we can harness 2026 as a positive turning point to reckon, to honor, to heal. And to build the America that hasn’t fully been—but still yearns to be. Please join us.

Andrea Wishom
Gladys’ granddaughter who sat with her every Sunday in the second pew. Storyteller. Teenager wrangler.
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Patriot. Entrepreneur. Care evangelist.
Ashley Swearengin
Central Valley. Community-Based Transformation Lover. Leader.
Darnell Moore
Writer. Creative Strategist. Media Maker.
Edgar Villanueva
Angelic Troublemaker. Activist. Author.
Jen Bailey
Mama. Pastor. Healer.
Keith Yamashita
Gay dad. Stroke-survivor. Possibilitarian.
Laura Vignale
Italian. Designer. Optimist.
Melody Frierson
Black. Southern. Listener.
Michael Murphy
Architect. Design advocate. In the service of the construction of dignity.
Michelle Teramatsu
Japanese-El Salvadoran. Peacemaker. Herder.
Molly Martin
Mom. West Virginian. Constructive Irritant.
Paul Butler
Grandson. Son. Brother.
Rachel Levin
Glass-half-full pragmatist. Philanthropy advisor. Cyclist.
Renee Kaplan
Rural Montana roots. Social entrepreneur. Operating at the speed of trust.
Scott Dadich
Designer. Editor. Documentary filmmaker.
Shifra Bronznick
Social change strategist. Forever feminist. Friend for life.
Stephen Friedman
Storyteller. Activist. Teacher.
Tynesha McHarris
Black. Feminist. Resource organizer.
Vivek Varma
Decoder. Synthesizer. Optimizer.
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